Craft Brewer or International Brewery? Brewery Plastics Inc has the right solution for you.

Growth in the Craft Brewing sector and the energy driving the choices of draft beer for consumers, needs to be matched by the value which suppliers can bring to this important industry. Brewery Plastics Inc is a US based company that can deliver truly innovative solutions to the logistics of draft beer in steel kegs. Brewery Plastics Inc (BPI) brings you a range of products made in plastic and other modern materials, which can function in the same role as equivalents made from traditional materials, like steel and timber. Whether your business is experiencing the early challenges of keg logistics, or whether you are looking to improve on your current systems, BPI has products and innovation to bring your business to the next level of excellence.

The BPI range of award winning plastic Locator Boards and Transit Layer Boards have provided breweries, keg manufacturers and beer distributors with a robust and long life alternative to the use of wooden pallets, when stacking steel kegs. With the unique features of positioning rings and retention segments, our low profile LBs and TLBs deliver significant savings in space, whilst dramatically improving the stability of stacks of kegs and casks.  

Explore the site for more information on how Brewery Plastics Inc has achieved these and other innovations and find out what we can do to bring benefits to your business. No matter whether you’re a small footprint Craft Brewery or a huge International Brewer or a Beer wholesaler, we have a product to suit your needs.