Products Categories Designed and Manufactured by Brewery Plastics Ltd

The range of products produced by Brewery Plastics Ltd fall into the main categories as follows:- 

Plastics Casks and accessories, for filling Real Ales and English Style Beers.

Plastic Locator Boards and Transit Layer Boards, for the safe, effective and efficient stacking of steel kegs. They are the ultimate solution for stacking kegs, increasing vehicle payloads and utilising valuable warehouse space.


Locator Boards - a system of plastic inter-layer boards for the pallet-less logistics of kegs

Locator Boards (LBs) from Brewery Plastics Inc are durable plastic inter-layer boards which are designed to fit between the rows of steel kegs, built into a stack. They have a low height profile, which works to lower the space requirements when stacking kegs. Positioning rings for each keg combine with raised retention segments to ensure kegs stay securely in place, whether the entire load is stationary or in motion; whether the kegs are filled to capacity and maximum weight, or empty.

Don't let this happen to your kegs - Invest in genuine Transit Layer Boards from Brewery Plastics, when storing and transporting your kegs. 

Unique ring patterns are designed into LBs corresponding to common arrangements for each size of kegs. These rings patterns acts to specifically position each keg, allowing modified fork lift tines to fit the gaps between kegs, as well as around the outside of the kegs. The tines can then grip the bodies of the kegs, such that LBs combine with top mounted indexing clamps, to create a completely pallet-less system for lifting, stacking and transporting kegs. 

The strength of the plastic LBs from BPI is evidenced by the ability to stack full kegs up to 9 rows high, in a static load.     

To see our Locator Boards at work, inside a modern automated brewery setting, click the link below.

Transit Layer Boards (TLBs) - building on the benefits of space savings and stack stability, from plastic inter-layer boards for beer kegs

A development of the successful Locator Board product line, plastic Transit Layer Boards (TLBs) were created to bring the benefits of low profile inter-layer boards, to keg users who need to retain an unmodified fork lift truck, with standard lifting tines. TLBs sit between the layers of kegs in a stack and deliver the same value added properties of lower stack heights and stability of kegs within stacks, as do LBs. TLBs reduce the reliance on wooden pallets down to a single 4-way entry pallet at the base.

With dimensions matched to the foot print of commonly used GMA pallets, TLBs have proven their value in various freight scenarios, including sea freight inside common shipping containers like 20 footer and 40 footer FCLs.

BPI has created TLB designs for most common keg types including

US kegs with chimb OD of 395mm

EURO kegs with chimb OD of 395mm

Slim Keg US 1/4 bbl

Slim Keg US 1/6 bbl


Another benefit of plastic TLBs is their ability to nest when not in use, meaning a pile of nested TLB's takes up only a fraction of the height needed for an equivalent number of stacked empty pallets.

Don't let this happen to your kegs - Invest in genuine Transit Layer Boards from Brewery Plastics, when storing and transporting your kegs.

This footage shows the inherent benefits of the Transit Layer Board, to deliver improved safety and efficiency. You can see the value of the top TLB in preventing the empty kegs from tumbling off the top of the stack. You can imagine that with just minimal strapping, the situation would improve even further. Filled kegs would also benefit from our system. Watch here

Technical Developments - designs and prototypes

We'd like to share an insight into the new designs and innovative developments of existing product ranges. Here you can see 3D printed scale models of soon-to-be commercialized products, as well as the full scale solid models.